Sunday, October 18, 2009

How To Attract Bats!

I wanted a bat house. I wanted to help save the bats. I wanted
a bat sanctuary. I wanted to have bats on my property. So I
made Grumpet get me a bat house for my birthday last year.

I patiently waited until spring, and carefully hung my bat house
according to the parameters they suggested.

Meanwhile, at Grumpet's house, bats come.
With no effort on his part. Where?

See that patio umbrella? Look inside!

It's a little brown bat!

Isn't it cute???

Isn't it fuzzy??

Don't you want one too???


Kaysie said...

Yay bats! Great to have around, yet so misunderstood.

I did a lot of survey work with bats last summer, and while I was surveying, people would ask WTF I was doing (since it really looked like I was playing Duck Hunt with a microphone). I explained all sorts of cool things about bats.

I hope at least some of them took it to heart and at least appreciated them more.

Abrahm said...

I really love bats. I'm jealous of your close encounter with of the flying mouse kind.

I think it was two years ago at work we had a bat that was flying in the halls here at [redacted]! It went zooming up and down the hallways in the basement until it was eventually encourage to fly out a door. It had many, many people terrified. I thought it was great!

I'll occasionally see bats when I am out fishing too. I'll hear their little clicking noises and see them zooming over the water.

Anything that eats that many mosquitoes is definitely awesome.