Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Silly Zoo

Camel: This is a "camoodle," a crossbreed between a camel and a poodle. All the rage in Zoo circles.

Frog: ET Hop home!

Flamingos: Zoos are often homes to animals who can't survive in the wild, due to some permanent injury or illness, say, losing a limb in a leg-hold trap or something like that. This is exactly what happened to each member of this flock of one-legged flamingos.

Pheasant: This foppish little pheasant reminded me of a line I once came across in a book describing literature of the 18th and 19th century: "Dandy: Punk before the fact."

Gilas: It was getting around noon and I got hungry, so I went to the Zoo café and had some Gila Monster soup.

Dear Harry Potter: your owls have been apprehended carrying messages to the Dark Lord. They have been imprisoned in Azkaban. Signed, Dolores Umbridge

This nervous swan thought he might be found guilty by association, living next to the subversive owls as he does, and in fright tried to hang himself.

Mating Otters: Whoops! Next cage...

Lion Head: Here is an enchanted lion posing very still to resemble a water fountain. As soon as an unsuspecting toddler goes for a drink of water, CHOMP! That's another way to silence a crying baby.

Naked Mole Rats: Party Animals.

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