Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Certified Wildlife Habitat

When I first bought my house, the backyard had nothing but a tree stump and an old fence.

I started digging up the edges for a garden. I planted a Golden chain tree, and put in a patio. The beginnings of Paradise.

After a few years, I made quite an elaborate garden.

Above, it is pictured all bare in March...
(drum roll, please...)

Can you recognize anything from the second picture? (click on pictures for larger view)

Here is the patio area!

Patio area from the back

The view down the side of the house

Now we are in the front yard. Originally there was a big Spruce tree that was in danger of falling down. I had it cut down, and started planting.

From nothing to this!

This is the next door neighbor's yard. My garden encroaches like in that horror movie "The Mist..."

Such an innocent view from the front, you'd never suspect the jungle in the back!

A lot of animals live in my yard. It is an official Wildlife Habitat!

Here's our friend Chuck, who lives under the shed and has been with us since he was a little woodchuckle.

There are Garter snakes and Dekay's snakes.

Spiders come and build webs.

Frogs live in my Bathtub Pond.

Birds build nests and raise families in my birdhouses.

Even deer come looking for snacks.

Here is a view from the back upstairs window onto the Gazebo (on the patio) from Summer to Winter.

Birdies come and eat all winter long.

The pets enjoy the yard too!

You can do a lot with a tiny yard in the middle of a village!

This is the
first in a tribute series to my garden.

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