Sunday, March 20, 2011

Opossums have Nothing on Ferrets

The following eight blogs all compare animals in the tradition of "Totally Looks Like" pictures. But I write about lots of other things too, if you keep going back.

"You could do Possums and Ferrets," said Grumpet.
"No way. Possums are fierce and ugly, and ferrets are sweet and soft."
"You might want to rethink that."
"No way. There is absolutely nothing similar between ferrets and possums."

But Hamsterbaby (my youngest ferret) is such a camera whore, he had to prove me wrong. So in a bold move calculated to return him to blog fame, he nipped me on the nose one day when I least expected it.

"WTF, Hammie, WTF??"
"I is just as fierce as a possum. Watch, we have a show for you."
And each one took turns trying to outdo the other with fierce possum faces.

Is there any resemblance between possums and ferrets?
You be the judge.


Be real. Is that the best you've got?

If I could look sarcastic and raise one eyebrow, I'd be doing that right now.

Sure. You're napping, he's rabid.





Stop! You're killing me!

Uncle! Uncle!


And this concludes the "Looks Like" series.

Although, I did say that once before.

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