Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interesting Pets: Ankylosaurus vs. Newt

On the left is an "Echinotriton" salamander ("Spiny newt"), and on the right, a dinosaur called "Ankylosaurus" ("Fused, stiff, or bent Lizard").

The Echinotriton salamander grows to about six inches long, including the tail, and weighs a fraction of a pound. The Ankylosaurus grew to about 35 feet long and weighed 4 tons.

The Tylototriton salamanders (crocodile newt), closely related to Echinotriton salamanders, are pretty much the same size as Echinotriton salamanders.

The Ankylosaurus was covered with armored plates, and had spikes all around its back. They were dangerous to their enemies. The salamanders have knobs at the end of each rib.

The colored knobs at the end of the ribs indicate that the newts are poisonous and dangerous to their enemies.

Other newt species with poisonous knobs at the end of their ribs can shoot their sharp ribs through them and spray poison on their enemies.

Not these ones, though. Nevertheless, they are interesting pets to have. While the Ankylosaurus lived in the Cretaceous Period, the salamanders live now.
Their fossils have been found in the western US, while this family of salamanders lives in China and Eastern Asia.

Another significant difference between them is that the newts are carnivores, eating bugs and worms, and the dinosaurs were herbivores.

I keep and raise exotic salamanders. Apparently, at one point, however, they kept and raised US.

Scary looking, or cuddly as a hedgehog?

But cute is cute, no matter how big or small, and no matter how you spell it!

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