Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo, NY

Hail fellow well met! Stand aside or I shall cleave thee in twain! My lord needs a jerkin!

These and other joyful phrases can be uttered and heard at a Renaissance Faire.

My boyfriend (who for professional reasons does not want to be named or appear in my blog) (well, he says "professional reasons," but I suspect that at times he's just plain embarassed to be my boyfriend) and I enjoy attending Renaissance Faires in the fall. For us, life is divided into three seasons: kayaking season, Ren Faire season (which partially overlaps with kayaking season) and VH-1 season.

These are the things we love about Ren Faires: dressing up, seeing and being seen, steak on a stake (for him) and cheesecake on a stick (for me), watching jousts, scantily clad fairy women (for him), and shopping (for me), witty entertainment, and living in a fantasy world for the day (although I try to live in a fantasy world every day).

Here we are at "The New York Renaissance Faire" in Tuxedo, NY
This is the entryway.

As you can see, it has everything!

It's very beautifully landscaped, and enjoyable just to walk through as a park.

There are "playtrons" ("player" plus "patron") in "Lady" and "wench" garb,

Men in scary garb,

Vendors in fairy garb,

And children enjoying themselves.

There is a lake with a sea monster,

Places to shop (incidentally, this is where I originally purchased the "Shoes Of Joy"!):

Beasts selling jewelry,

Tests of strength,

Talented entertainment,

and a kissing bridge! Here I am with my boyfriend.

And of course, the joust.

One final word, ladies: please, if you choose not to dress in costume,
that doesn't mean you don't have to pay any attention to details!

For more on Renaissance Faires, see


Abrahm said...

I'll be going to the Ren Faire sometime soon too! This looks like quite the festival to attend especially when one has amazing shoes.

Kaysie said...

At least she wisely chose the 'nude' colored thong with the white pants.