Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In A Pagan World

In a Pagan World, I envision:
Holly King Yule stamps; a National incense; Imbolc Bank savings clubs; everyone thinks "indoor church" is an oxymoron; Green Man beer in green bottles; a Beltane fireworks gala, nationally televised; Samhain* as a National Holiday, as well as an Annual Macy's Samhain Parade; pencil stubs recycled into Tarot card boxes; familiar custody battles; Lammas decorations going on sale the day after Midsummer; solar calendars an archaic oddity; Satyr brand condoms; a new national anthem that makes no mention of war; Ian Anderson elected to sainthood; astrological vitamins; moon-lodges as popular as bars; all-drum radio stations; 1-800 gathering hotlines; your children begging for harp lessons; lots of drumming; everyone reading Dion Fortune's novels in high school; children clamoring to hear the John Barleycorn story at bedtime, Jonny Appleseed is the American hero; "Metaphysical Journeys" -- a daily talk show hosted by Selena Fox; instead of Xmas pageants, children act out Sabbat** myths eight times per year; 24-hour ritual needs convenience stores; International Animal Spirit Day; High Priestess Barbie and full Gathering accessories Pagan Ken; community ritual space in inner cities; really cool coloring books readily available; no litter in National Parks--or anywhere, anymore; daily neighborhood "Greet the Sun" rituals; early morning chanting in grades K-12 for those who wish to participate; and THE MOST INTERESTING NEW DESIGNS IN CORELLE DISHWARE!!
So mote it be!

*Halloween, for the uninitiated.

**Pagan Holy-days.

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Abrahm said...

I'd love to see that just to see our society colored by a more liberal and accepting religion for once. I would just loathe the day when a bunch of jerks twist paganism to become self-serving and constrictive!