Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pagan Things To Say

I sometimes like to draw cartoons...I made a series of Pagan cartoons in the '80s, and I thought I'd dig them up and post them. One of them (this one, in fact) was actually published in a Pagan 'zine...a long time ago...
The series was called "This Is My Life."
(One click makes a larger view; DOUBLE click on picture for LARGEST view)

In case it's not legible enough, here's the text:

Don't Say: - Say:

*Holy Mother of Christ! What's going on in here? - Demeter, Persephone, and Hecate! What's going on in here?
*O Lord! I'm coming! - O Priapus! O Priapus! aaaaaah!
*Christ, this is hard! - By the Goddess, this is hard!
*Christ, that smarts! - Cernunnos! That smarts!
*JesusFuckingChrist! Not Again! - SamFuckingHain! Not Again!
*Liar! Goddamn you bitch to hell! - Liar! I hope the great ebony otter god rises up from the nether regions of his sacred river and DEVOURS YOU WHOLE!
*Go the Devil, Geraldo! - Go jump in the Styx, Geraldo!
*God bless you, Nathan! - Boreas bless you, Taliesin!
(later one)
*Holy Fuck! I've discovered the formula for transparent aluminum! - Great Rite! I've discovered toxic waste neutralizer!

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