Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Shoes Of Joy

This is the story of my favorite pair of shoes. They are the most awesome shoes in the world. I first bought a pair of them at the New York State Renaissance Faire in September of 2003. My boyfriend and I go to Ren Faires, and we dress up in our Ren Garb; he attaches implements of destruction to his body (swords and knives) and I put fake hair made from designer yarn onto my head.
I paid $150 for these shoes.


When I bought them, the woman at the booth told me to get them a size smaller than I normally wear, because they stretch.
Well, long story short, they didn't. I wore them daily, I stuffed them with newspapers, I even wore them sometimes while I slept. I took them to a shoe repair place. It was some Korean guy. He was very kind but between the strangeness of the shoes and his lack of ability to speak English, we both suffered culture shock. At least we both laughed a lot! Anyway, the stretch he gave them didn't last.
But I loved them and I wore them anyway and I just suffered blistered toes.
Then in Feb. 2004, my boyfriend and I went to the Florida Renaissance Faire. Two women vendors were there selling these shoes! As I went over, my boyfriend suddenly disappeared because, as he later said, he was afraid there was going to be shouting, bloodshed, and carnage (well, what do you have all those stupid swords for if you're going to run from battle?) However, these women were very pleasant. I told them about the tightness problem.
"Who told you to get 'em a size smaller?"
"I don't know, it was a woman at the New York Ren Faire."
"It was probably that AMY!", said the one woman to the other.
Well, lickety-split they had me pick out a new pair in my size, which they let me trade for the old ones. You can see how well-loved these shoes are from the picture.
I wear them not only to the Ren Faires, but also to the supermarket, and any old time my feet want to feel special.


Aren't they most awesome magnificent amazing shoes ever?
Well, eat your heart out. Too bad for you, they don't make them anymore.

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