Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Favorite Renaissance Faire

We have been to the following Ren Faires:
The now-defunct Stockwood Ren Faire, near Woodstock, NY (alas, it was our first, and we miss it; it was small, but sweet)
The New York State Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY (our 'hometown' Ren Faire, about only an hour from here, and a great one, which we go to every year)
The CT Ren Faire (formerly in Bridgeport, and now in Hebron, outside of Hartford; this one is getting better and better)
The Florida Ren Faire - near Fort Lauderdale (this was my absolute favorite ever, and where I got my Shoes of Joy)
King Richard's Faire - near Carver, MA (another really nice one, which we go to every year)
The PA Ren Faire -Mount Hope, PA (another of the best; we alternate each year between the PA and the MD Faire)
The Sterling Ren Faire - Sterling, NY (the best food of them all!)

I hear the Texas one is supposed to be the best one. Someday...

The Maryland Faire (near Anapolis, MD) is the best we've been to, after the Florida Faire. There is a high ratio of people in costume (the "playtrons"), unlike other faires, where sometimes over 50% of the people are dressed in street clothes.
The Maryland Faire is a RenGeek's Faire.

The first thing I had to do was have my hair braided. I've already bought everything else I might want from a Ren Faire, so I've delved into the world of ephemeral purchases.

But if you do want something lasting, the best clothes are made by Moresca.

There are lovely permanent buildings at the Faire.

There are the usual silly games as well.

The Royalty mingles with the commoners.

Lots of food at this Faire! and my very favorite, that they only have at the New York Faire and here, is...

Cheesecake on a Stick!

Here's one of my friends enjoying a drum on a stick...

And here we are waiting for the joust to begin.

The Maryland Faire has tall toads,

and tall guys,

and bald guys.

Dude, you'll get sunburn without a hat!

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